Destiny- Meeting for a reason

By Tracy Menz | November 22, 2013

When someone comes into our life for a reason, it is usually to meet a need.  Assisting us through difficulty, or providing guidance and support. As I have found in my own life, I truly believe in destiny.  A chance meeting with a woman rapidly became a close friendship.  As we talked and grew to…

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Comfortable Reminders

By Tracy Menz | September 3, 2013

Have you ever seen a friend or family member wear a piece of jewelry and wonder if it is a fashion statement or if it represents something more personal? Over the years, I have come to realize many of my family and friends identify with a piece of jewelry… to the point that the never…

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By Tracy Menz | July 2, 2013

In a world in which we are always rushed, each day passing quicker than the next, I look to simplify my life in order to provide a sense of peace and tranquility. I have always been drawn to quiet, serene colors and surroundings… soothing blues, cool greens and breezy tans take me back to my…

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